Event Schedule

Major events in 2019

TechShare is going to have following events in 2019.


Feb 21st.         5th Robot Introduction / Utilization Seminar (SME Promotion Corporation)

March 23rd.     WRC-Smart Manufacturing Challenge

  May 8~10th.    Data Center Expo(Tokyo Big Site)

May 17th~  DOBOT Robot Arm Experience Seminar Tour (Planned)

□ May 31st  Tokyo
□ Jun 3rd  Nagoya   □ June 4th.  Osaka
June 5th  Hiroshima

June 6~7th.   ROBOMECH(Hiroshima)

June 19~21th.  EDIX (Tokyo Big Site)

  July 6th.       WRC-Smart Manufacturing Challenge in Japan (planned)

Sep 3~6th.   Annual Conference of RSJ (Waseda University

Oct 29~31st.   Physical Computing Week(Akihabara UDX)

□ 10/29 Tinker Board User Conference
□ 10/30 Raspberry Pi Industry User Conference
□ 10/30 DOBOT Education Conference
□ 10/31 DOBOT User Conference

12月8-12日  SI2020(Takamatsu)

12月19~21日 IREX2019 (Tokyo Big Site)


2月12~14日 RoboDEX/Smart Factory Expo 2020(Tokyo Big Site)


Major events in 2018

  The major events we had in 2018 as below.


March 14th.    Raspberry Pi Birthday Event(Tokyo University of Technology)

March 31st.    ASUS Tinker Board User Meeting(Akihabara UDX)

May 16~18th.      EDIX -DOBOT Magician/Mooz

June 4~5th        ROBOMECH(Kitakyushu)

June 16th      Physical Computing Kids Day(Akihabara UDX)

August 4~5th.  Maker Faire Tokyo(Tokyo Big Site)

Sep 5~7th.        Annual conference of RSJ(Chubu University)

Sep 21st.     MultiBody Dynamics Assosiation (Nihon University)

Oct 17~21st.   World Robot Expo(Tokyo Big Site)

Dec3~4th.     Physical Computing Week(Akihabara UDX)

Tinker Board User Conference 2018
Raspberry Pi Industry User Conference 2018
DOBOT User Conference 2018

  Dec 12~14th.  SI2018(Osaka Institute of Technology)