Physical Computing Week 2019

Physical Computing Week 2019

In Physical Computing Week 2018, we had 3 user conference such as Tinker Board User Conference, Raspberry Pi Industry User Conference and DOBOT User Conference. We had a lot of positive feedback and request to continue them for every year. Then we are going to have “Physical Computing Week 2019” during October 29-31st, 2019. We plan to have the same conference and also have a few additional conferences at this time.

  1. Tinker Board User Conference

  2. Raspberry Pi Industry User Conference

  3. IoT Developers Conference

  4. DOBOT User Conference

  5. DOBOT Education Conference

In the above conferences, we plan to have users’ presentations, partners’ presentations and exhibitions as same as PWC2018.  If you are interested in the presentation or exhibition opportunities, please feel free to contact to us.


TechShare Inc.
Physical Computing Division
PCW2019 Secretariat 

TEL +81-3-5683-7293